Below the famous cobbles
Theres a river running free
Beehive rooms and neolithic caverns
Where there be
Piles of rocks all piled up
And cavernous displays
Evidence of pagan worship
And medieval leys

THe River Poddle
Took the viking long boats
From the bay
In three feet of water
The invasion underway
Mummies still are lying.
Below the Dublin streets
Where pubs and lilting laughter
And the smile of bodram beats

Inner chamber caverns
The prehistoric lanes
Mystery and terror
Likened to the veins
That run through all our bodies
The arteries and all
A subterranean world of soul
Where people kept in chains

Great archways and wild culverts
Barrel vaulted too
Holding up the city
Without mortar good and true
Portals to the after life
Behold its bloody past
Passages to yester year
Where antiquity was cast

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