Your zoo is a prison cell thats all

Evidence of intuition
Demonstrating our frustration
Our doubtfulness and obscurity
Of the human beings reasons to
Leave us in these vile enclosures
We are not goldfish and what we do

Is suspend our judgement for our dilemma
Really our fallibility
Is the way we are taken for granted
Its arguable that You should be
The paradox of our submission
Its impulsive And we feel fright
Being exposed To constant staring
Argueably it isnt right
We great apes thats what you call us
But it Feels like a misbelief
An absurdity on every level
And we just cannot get relief

Zoos are more for human beings
Than for us we have to say
We feel like criminals being spied on
Alienated every day
We are being persecuted and we do feel
And do perceive
Really on a deeper level
That all of this is make believe

Its really very disappointing
You drain and thwart us at every turn
We really cannot be ourselves
There is nothing that we wish to learn
Its a falseness a deceit thats all
You misrepresent which does appal
Its not a place that we want to be
This is not a sanctuary

Given the choice we would love to be
Back home climbing up some tree
In the wilds Of a jungle space
Where we can decide who sees our face
Where there is a sufficiency of wild food
Where we can forage where we are clued
Up on the seasons and what is there
The great outpouring of things to share

Rotten fruit tossed on the floor
Sprayed with chemicals galore
There is no time to just relax
To just lie down upon our backs
To clean our backsides as we ought do
Without your laughter coming through
We missing links believe that we
Should also live independently
Mentally you are a bane
Really we all go insane
Full of nerves we rock about
We are just in total doubt

A German Zoo opens its doors to paying folk
But closes its doors on the great apes
And fails to feel their agony

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