TAIJI fisherman and trophy hunters via the Japanese perspective

They are all just foreigners
What really can they do
Shout their silly slogans
In real terms just a few
WE can go on killing
And segregating some
Making lots of money
The activists are dumb

They can’t do a thing about
What we want to do
Killing the bottle nosed Dolphins
And the Risso’s too
pilot Whales and porpoises
We can carry on
Pithing slicing wrestling
Until they all are gone

The Dolphins and the activists
JApan does what it feels
International whaling for Japan
It so appeals
And Dolphins they are eating fish
Our fish so they die
That’s the be and end all
And the reason why

The westerners can go to hell
On beef and lamb and pork
Chicken rabbit eggs and ham
All sorts on their fork
Then they get all high and mighty
When we bag ourselves some fish
Dolphins whales and porpoise
Make a really yummy dish

They get all high and mighty
And threaten us but they
How many of them are vegans
And look the other way
The fisherman of TAIJI
Are trophy hunters too
That’s what pays their wages
That is what they do

We are never going to stop this trade
Whatever the west shouts
Shame shame shame on Japan
The nation that still flouts
The rules on going whaling
In the Southern Ocean, we
Will do this till the end of time
We were born to ply the sea

Dolphins are our fishy meat
And so nothing you can say
Will stop us it’s our life and soul
So it’s best you go away.
And that is how they are thinking
Whatever we may feel
We really do get on their nerves
And they do conceal

As much from us as possible
Under the bright green tarps
There are a lot of angels
Playing their golden harps
We know they suffer terror
We know they suffer pain
We know of their intelligence
But our cries are all in vain

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