The war and Germany

I am an old man now
And I watched the film HELLSTORM
And I felt
sickened to my very core
Of the horror that was dealt

By allied planes across
GErmany’s cities
And the lies
Told by allied governments
And now to realise

The torment and the slaughter
The evil and what’s more
The veil of utter improbity
And what all that was for
How the German people suffered
The wickedness that did befall
The iniquity of bombings
The shamelessness of it all

All those German cities
Such an enormity
Teaching children history
Of inhumanity
The injustice of the era
School children compromised
Our RAF were abominable
They just dehumanised

City after city
Firestorms everywhere
Imagine all those children
And their parents
Fried aware
of exactly what was happening
In their basement ovens where
Hundreds of thousands of innocent souls
Faced ultimate despair

all of it was planned to cause
Casualties to exceed
All our wildest nightmares
Degenerates indeed
CHurchill and his jackals
Flagrantly took out
German cities vehemently
What was it all about

It Was built up of such hatred
For the citizens who knew
Little about armaments
And just what could ensue
They called it terror bombing
With phosphorus on hand
OPeration Gomorrah
To think it all was planned

Guilt on the back burner
filed in dusty shelves me thinks
For all eternity
The conduct of our airforce
And the so called Churchill who
Should have been charged for war crimes
And his hero status too

Scotched for all the ugliness
And inexcusable pain
He brought down on those German cities
Time and time again
Unrestricted bombing
They came and came again
Bombing the survivors
And the rescuers the bane

Of war in fact it happened
Planned to thus destroy
To cause Unbelievable carnage
And talk of it as joy

Our people clearly sicko’s
The RAF they dare
To call for hero’s medals
Murderers who were aware
It’s wasn’t just regular bombing
It was hell stoked up and dropped
People were anhiliated
Basically all chopped

Into tiny pieces
or melted in the street
The firestorm raged like a demons breath
Many like fried meat
Littered streets and basements
Cooked in their own fat
Knee deep in the blood of children
That was where they were at

Tons of high explosives
Rained down from the sky
And as the rescuers came to save
More fell more did die

They died on top of those that had fallen
In the first bomb raid
This was war in its direst form
With heroes on parade
Medals glinting in the sun
Murderers in flight
Carpet bombing civilians
Setting them alight

The asphalt it was melting
Capturing those on its streets
Who were burning up like crazy
It’s where innocence meets
Insanity and illegality
Unbelievable bloodshed
And true depravity

The civilians took the full force
And perished in the fire
That the strategy was managed
Was to show how dire

Britain and America had become
And were
Entrenched in pure demonics
And so what did occur
Was a degeneracy and a villainy
Beyond the human mind
They slaughtered women and children
Any they could find

To be a child of the nation
Who carried out this war
Who slaughtered so many civilians
Turned them to blood and gore
And bombed out all their hospitals
Clearly marked but still
Blown to kingdom come they were
So much blood they did spill

It was just wrong,and scandalous
Insanity it reigned
Down upon civilians
Whose life force they saw drained
And in our books at schools
History was realigned
They lied to us such propaganda
It is hard to unwind

From all this callous treatment
Dolled out to us all
We too were such criminals
We broke every rule
CHurchill was no hero
He was a nasty man
We won the war but lost the war
For of war I am no fan

Making out the Germans were
The Devils incarnate
When we were grossly ugly
Our karma is our fate
My parents and your parents
Probably thought it too
How good we were
And how bad they were
But in essence that wasn’t true

Watch the film but sit down and regret
We are ruled by vicious nasty psychopaths
So nothing much has changed
Thinking of Blair and Iraq and Afghanistan

Why is this world so cruel when people really matter

2 comments on “The war and Germany

  1. OMG! your prose lights up the page and draws the terrible picture of the carnage of war, there are no heroes in this, it was perfectly demonic, and yet Britain STILL wars today, illegal wars undeclared to the british public….killing and killing without pause all across the Middle East

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Dear Lisa killing other people children is the pastime of war. Only the sick and criminal minds can do such evil
      Churchill and Blair to cheeks of the same arse at least Blair is not seen as a hero that’s something I suppose
      But this German story makes me sick to say I am British

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