Bush meat what it is and what we can do about it

Its everywhere
The hunt is on
1 billion dollars around the world
Perhaps 5 million tonnes per year
Wild animals it seems appear

On the table
Its got to be
A vile exposure actually

Elephants Gorillas the Chimpanzee
All kinds of primates
It seems to me
Antelopes and the crocodile
Bush pigs pangolins
Its off the dial
Porcupine and guinea fowl
Lizards cone rats
All these entering someone’s
Stolen from their habitat
And murdered its a tit for tat

Hunters really everywhere
Trapping and killing
All that despair
Families broken
Victims lost
Its coming at a fantastic cost

In fifty years if this goes on
There will be no wild souls
They will all be gone
There’s a lot money tO be made
And its on the many this is laid

Kenya Nigeria the
Congo too
And many places its there its true
Locals at it to supplement
and for businesses its heaven sent

To loggers they have lots of cash
Its being sold everywhere
By the flash
and criminal gangs
Still off the grid
Big money for someone to lift the lid

Mining also brings people in
With lots of money and such thick skin.
Short term workers here one day
And gone the other so they say

Wild animal meat it seems to me
Attracts all sorts how that can be
The advertising underground
How it is healthier all around

Primates clearly their DNA
So close to ours we have to say
Virus and disease in tow
AIDS EBolA the risk does grow

Clearly exports are also made
Where ever there are Africans
It is weighed under the counter
On market stalls
To people who like it yea and to fools

Its seeing off animals everyday
And its largely illegal but then they pay
This one and that one to say no more
And so it enters by the back door

Hunters here had best realise
The trophy that is indeed their prize
They don’t eat the meat
Just stuff the head
And of course so many end up dead

Its a damn good business for the cost
Is low
All they do is bloody well go
Into the forest and shoot to kill
Fill up their wagon and leave things still

The locals they may look away
If something is shared and they can say
It was worth the risk and to watch them die
The gorillas and crocs they can close an eye

Just not see it and if asked say
You must be joking not today
All the diseases likely there
It really isn’t worth a prayer

And its smuggled abroad in logging bags
Not on manifests nothing flags
Up the shipments its all hush hush
Taken by people its in a rush

Hunting sickens me the trophy kind
And all this canned stuff blows my mind
And so called killing done for sport
Its done by those who have little thought

For the animals or for that matter us
Psychopaths blood full of pus
They are sicko’s rotten sods who must
Be stopped collectively it does disgust

They are slaughtering animals in their prime
With no thought at all of their precious time
What happens to their families and where they live
Thoughtless ignorants that never give

Even a thought for the biosphere
For the equilibrium around here
And with habitats failing one by one
And encroachment well the day is done

For so many animals and its a sin
More weird sicknesses they begin
Because of wild animals and how they eat
Immunity compromised on the street

It has to be stopped all that hunting does
Is make true extinction closer the buzz
Is coming we hear it its with the chains saw
Where bush meat is sold and that is for sure

Go to any market where africans are
And you can find bush meat
However far
Away from its source its bound to be there
Exotic meats exporting despair

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