Coldplay and the true feelings

An auspicious moment in life
The great possibility
Freedom from strife
To let ourselves go
In a spiritual way
With the freedom to dream
And to hear them Coldplay

A momentous ritual
The occasion to be
In one’s fathers arms

The music within you
Makes it worthwhile
You can stand there and be
You can just reconcile
All your thoughts and emotions
You can just want to cry
Let it all just hang out
There is no reason why

The audience singing
Providential it be
The heart strings pulled
This way and that way
Just free
Of all the constraints
Of all the desire
Just absorb what you love
In their spirit and fire

The autistic temperament
Welling up inside
You know you feel love
And why would you hide
All that emotional vigour
You know
All of the songs
In you they grow

This little boy
Could feel them he knew
Without interruption
What he must do
Redouble his efforts to listen
And feel
Why do so many want to conceal

Just let the tears flow
Be moved by it all
Dance with one’s father
And hear Cold plays call
Surrender be still
In the great waves you see
The unceasing wind
That blows so wildly

Its a kind of a haunting refrain
In your soul
It is very hard to be in control
Joyous intent
A kaleidoscope
Of colour and sound
Brings forth so much hope

Destiny beckons
Its crucial to feel
As free as a bird
With the sound ever real
Escape to the wonderment
Be in the now
Leap into the light
And show yourself how

You are the author
Of your destiny
The evocation
Your place to be
Encourage those feelings
And be inspired
Listen to cold play
They are high wired

Watching the playback
Even they cry
A pivotal moment
Its after all why
Gigs happen really
And effect us all
Lets cry in the moment
Lets answer the call

The outcome so moving
Traceable to
Why we are living
And what we do
Such serendipity
Probable cause
To stand in the moment
And forever to pause

We all need that chance
That moment in time
That adventurous spirit
That helps us to climb
To the highest of mountains
Right to the peak
And breathe in that air
Be groundless for a week

Brace yourself
Feel the tonic
Flow through your brain
You are fearless tonight
You only can gain
They are your energizer
Your spiciest sauce
Vivid and vibrant
Your matter of course

Its a forcefield of magic
Prevailing around
You float in the air
With your feet on the ground
Its gripping to feel them
Catching their sight
Inducing in you
The power of the light

2 comments on “Coldplay and the true feelings

  1. Claudia on said:

    Makes me cry every time i read it dear Rex x

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      I cried writing it I am sure cold play would cry seeing it
      If the little lad could write poetry he would have written this
      As it is i shared his tears and felt his joy

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