The rainbow people

History never gave her story
And all of those stories before
Under the sun
The immortal undone
The destruction and all of
Our war

The given was taken for granted
The visible magic of life
The ethos of sharing
And generally caring
Of all earthlings suffering

The animal earthlings were hunted
We trapped and we slaughtered each day
Churches and abattoirs lining our streets
There was no escape from the ruling elite
And protestors were then made to pay

Vile corporations sprang into respect
Aligning themselves to those who
Tore down our forests and filled up our seas
It was all about money and the massive squeeze
And nobody knew what to do

Water was tainted as was the air
Fracking had ruined our land
The lungs of the planet were slashed and were
The greenest of forests all had been turned
Into dark swamp most could not understand

As nuclear clouds had ruined our sky
Cancers were growing our children did die
Then came the light the rainbow refrain
An army of angels insightful again
To the curse of the psychopaths and we all sigh

Relief on our faces belief in our soul
The first peoples prophecy it seemed to be
To share all the goodness to brighten and clear
To want for so little and banish the fear
And to love and feel peace for eternity

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