Vegan angels lets reward them now

The Ocean has authenticity
Its absoluteness spans
Into perpetuity
Its realism stands
The course of time
An immortal space
A universe alone
So supportive of the landmass
And anyone whose thrown

A line into the great lake
The swimmers came to see
And soon became the vanquished
Fish extraordinary
Their outwardness was obvious
They connected they were one
They filled our nets with sacrifice
Iced up under the sun

Greed becomes mans pointlessness
Waste his true reward
Illogical and misdirected
More than we can afford
Insular and unconcerned
Science holds no place
Corporate strengths are paramount
It something all must face

The predominance of culture
The supremacy of power
The overriding principle
With us every hour
Peerless and unapproachable
Eclipsing all the rest
Quotas become realised
But still present a test

Exhausted seas are coming
Polluted with our sin
We over fish the predators
And imbalance the spin
Environments then suffer
As prey fish accelerate
And feed upon the corals
Or the kelps at too high a rate

Our arrogance acceleration
Of particular breeds
It might suit our balance sheets
But tragically it leads
To an ever increasing loss of species
Snowballing out of control
With by-catch and with fish meal
We all forgo our soul

Nearly 17,000 species
Exist deep in the blue
Instead of giving a noble status
To fish all that we do
Is over fish and waste fish
And regulatory nets
That also increase sacrificial
Quantities and debts

At Rungis International in Paris
What we see
Are millionaires and famous chef’s
Bustling to be
Disrespectful of the oceans
And the pollution there
The sacrifice and the forfeiture
And the wastage and despair

The lack of understanding
To what is some of the traits
Insisting on particular fish
Which actually negates
The value of a species
And in essence may destroy
What otherwise would have continued on
With much less to enjoy

Rules and regulations
Created by those who
Have no comprehension
Of what some of them do
Show an immaturity
Half measures that will control
Creating a deficiency
A negligence of soul

The monopolistic policies
Distanced from the mean
Leading to such prejudice
The randomness thats been
The food web being pillaged
Without any understanding
Of what is actually happening
And really what we are handing

To our children coming after us
Our ignorance is there
The state of the worlds oceans
Is really hard to share
And our boats are going everywhere
Sucking up so much
They cannot reproduce as fast
We are out of touch

With the reality of each moment
Our impact is extreme
With eco systems threatened
Each nation doesn’t seem
To be aware or really care
Of longterm prospects here
And mesh sizes and by-catch
Apparently its clear

Fishermen are out there
Breaking laws each day
Factory ships are out there
Stealing fish away
High grading and destroying
Its happening today
So wasteful actually criminal
But if they get away

With doing it they will do it
Despite the sortee’s who
Are out there boarding suspect ships
Because thats what they do
Now its aqua culture and genetics
Coming on
Salt water fish are predators
So with predation fish now gone
All those banks of anchovies
Sold to fish farms, they
Are taken out of the eco system
And the wild souls then must pay

The mammals and the sea birds
Are suffering the loss
Despite the so called slaughtering
This we have to toss
Straight back into their sick ring
The huge losses that be
Now affecting everyone
Of the creatures in the sea

And the fish meal manufacturers
In Peru are suffering, they
Discharge the waste associated with it all
Pipe it back into the sea
Blood and shit and wonder
And watch the sulphur and methane
Grow and grow down under

The cost to life is immeasurable
The Bay of chipotle stinks
The ocean floor impoverished
And yes so many links
With habitat being destroyed
Now its everywhere
And with the slaughtering going on
We know of this despair

Gluts of other fish are seen
For over fishing will
Bring on lesser species
Like jelly fish the krill
Are being lost by humans
Siphoning it up so they
Can fill their nutrition capsules
Taking it away

From the great whales and the sea
What with pollution too
Man un kind is so ignorant
And the supplement people too
It costs more to produce a predator
Fish in a fish farm
Than to catch it in its wild state
Already we do harm

Not only every species
And the oceans everywhere
But because its down to bottom lines
Who cares about despair
For environments
For poor people
For the species living there
Its a fucking free for all
Once you get it you don’t share

And so the plight of the oceans
Its the vegans really who
Forgo the munching of the corpses
Which so many still do
Every fish they do not eat
Leaves it in the ocean blue
The problem is the people
Now don’t want one they want two

As for the children being born
My understanding here
Is that carnivores are actually trolls
And so it does appear
The oceans will be exhausted
In about 30 years
So we shall see starvation
Thats how it appears

Vegans should be rewarded
Have tax breaks thats a plan
They sacrifice what others won’t
For the sake of future man
They are environmental angels
And as such they should be
Regarded as true saviours
For all eternity

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