Jo’s video of 1/9 at Japanese embassy

Ric O’Barry is again free
A blue day for us all
But the Japanese are in the dark
The truth is coming out at last
We have to make our mark

In London on Tuesday
We came together too
Stop the dolphin slaughter
Thats what we all must do
All sorts of people came to protest
Young and old and me
Under the blue skies
Of LONDON we chanted incessantly

Crowds and crowds our megaphones
Blaring out all day
Placards, klaxons,drums and whistles
And our voices too did say
Shame shame shame on you
Shame on you Japan
Excitement and devotion
The whole world needs a ban

The rain held off as we shouted
And the embassy must know
We hate slaughtering dolphins
This evil has to go
Up yours Japan from Dave O’dell
Our wild life loving friend
The ball of blood flag proving
The slaughter has to end

Jo’s film showed us the faces
The microphones rang true
Ric o Barry’s tv around his neck
Did do
The obvious, he embarrassed the Japanese
Who say
Dolphin slaughter is instant
They are liars all the wAy
The deaths are never ever instant
Under the tarps of doom
Where the sea runs red with their precious blood
And Taiji becomes their tomb

Its not a place of angels
Its the demons that work there
Bringing up the phlegm of death
With dollops of despair
An aggressive miserable attitude
That breaks the peoples hearts
Stop the slaughter in the water
You Japanese wooden hearts

4 comments on “Jo’s video of 1/9 at Japanese embassy

  1. Well put Rex

  2. Rex Tyler on said:

    Thanks. Denise it was a good event and lots of noise
    Must have really upset the embassy how can they work with this racket going on all day great to see it and write it up thanks for coming to my blog

  3. What a lovely touching poem, Rex, thank you <3

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