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Wise one

I have a spider Who lives in my car She likes to travel with me So far From the forest to the sea shore, she Balances emotions constantly She is rather big of course of the artistic set Weaves her … Continue reading

Summer solstice at Roll Rights

Roll Rights was so peaceful The light was really clear You could see the whole of Chipping Norton Just from standing here looking over the labyrinth vital and so green Observing all those lovely fields and dales There in between … Continue reading

E6 cattle Company Texas

A lack of understanding Of the life force of a calf A lack of understanding of pain barriers Not half An ounce of common sense or sensibility Alas These morons are the pits in fact Low down vile and crass … Continue reading

A true story of a little girl who had her dog flower stolen in North vietnam

We live in the countryside In North Vietnam Away from the city Where those earthlings cram Into tenement buildings high in the sky And in wooden shacks Where we hear babies cry My name is “flower” I’m a little girls … Continue reading

It takes two to tango or does it?

It’s hard to define what love really is There are many words, one can use But really it’s not words that encompass The feeling For if it were much we would lose In the truest sense, its a haven Of … Continue reading

Cy Borg generation

There it is cyborgs It’s coming real fast Micro chipped slaves Our die has been cast In less than three years An implantable chip In one of our hands Enjoy the trip RFID’s biometrics are here Finger prints eye scans … Continue reading


Rosemarie passed by this way today In her soft and her most gentlest of way She Left her little home in Tring for to go To a place where some of us probably know A responsive emotional soul was she … Continue reading


Steely grey and olive green A jaggedness saw edged mean machine Pitted armour a wrinkled plate Bone breaking teeth to score ones fate Great big so all seeing eyes Helping us to realise The significance of this ancient breed As … Continue reading


Working for a corporate In a sensitive field one would Expect a confidentiality clause Which really means they could Work there for really as long as they wanted to But if You chose to leave what you would have to … Continue reading

“The feel of the day”

That quote about days and feelings for me Is wholly heartfelt based on true harmony From the abundance of Nature thats gratefully sought To the exhilaration of abundant thought “The feel of the day” The unburdening dismay that adrenaline rush … Continue reading

The wolf that happened to

Supposedly tourists Seeing the sights On holiday, travelling Bikers their sights Packed with vindictiveness Bitter and spite They tracked down a wolf And thought they decided to fight Caring as they Rode around the countryside Everyday Enjoying the bird song … Continue reading

Goats and their extended families

Look at this group What do you see A picture of love And such harmony Such a sense of duty Such conscience is there Actually honour bound Their lives to share That is inescapable It just feels so right The … Continue reading

Womb men

Japan of all countries Have worked out a way Of creating the womb Where a baby can lay Goat foetuses threaded with catheters do Supply all the blood Revealing it’s true Amniotic fluid at body temp will Sustain and prove … Continue reading

Nobody’s thinking straight anymore

When you are flogging dead deer and dead cattle too Dealing in meat seems a great thing to do You actually kill them watch them drop dead From a very well aimed shot straight to their head That’s when you … Continue reading

When we are worth more dead than alive humanity has lapsed

We live here We were born here We are the kings it’s true You have cut down all our jungle So what are we to do? Go away and die somewhere Is that your little game Africa is Lion country … Continue reading

Paris the march to close abattoirs

What a fantastic outpouring of sentiment and care Under a lovely blue sky where so many did share Such energy such thoughtfulness and togetherness as they Spread their positivity all along the way Placards they were everywhere lots of tops … Continue reading

Bosnia and its indifference towards strays

We each are born of our mothers In her fluids we perform We warm to her affection In the delicate world so warm So caring for her compassion She shares with us each hour We are her single prodigy Her … Continue reading

Are we really all in touch

There’s a wickedness before me An amorality Demoralising in its approach And it’s obliquely It’s hiding the enormity The transgression of the case To demerit and to shift the blame To the individual’s space In so many ways it’s unpardonable … Continue reading

Die offs nearer to home

Saving the earth by caring By sharing is a trait That needs to be adopted now Before it is too late In Wales over the weekend Jelly fish were seen Beaching near Llanelli Hundreds there have been Moon jellies people … Continue reading

Wild animals losing their habitat to sicko corporates

The countryside we frequent has been home To many souls The wild ones who were put there To take on all their roles We thats human beings imagine we can do Anything we ruddy want and clearly that’s now true … Continue reading

After birth what is there

After birth What is there A great sea of diarrhoea Her babies lying immersed in it Really ear to ear Whimpering, the reality Of swallowing this muck Of choking on its vileness Where no one gives a fcuk! Do they … Continue reading

It’s such a strange feeling

Are there words to describe the way We feel When others show Their dislike of us It’s so heartfelt Which Of course we know We feel it in our very bones And what is it we can do Disappear be … Continue reading

A family of them came to call

For over half a century This valiant soul used freedom To traverse the African plains and scrub To find his way back home Rescued and saved by his almighty god So many time before Uncared unmuzzled unbridled A master evermore … Continue reading

Another bloody hunter

Out there in the forest Freedom spirited there The liberty of logic Kind of everywhere Unhindered and unobstructed Grazing naturally Tasting all the sweetness Of the grasses also free And there we have the master The young man with his … Continue reading

Empty the tanks with jojo phillips

Captivity or not being free Restrained In All you do Taken, from where you were born So limiting so true Like a custodial sentence For being who you are Put under detention Your soul urge for to scar Held back … Continue reading

Canada’s change of heart

A federal bill in Canada Comes from Wilfred Moore Ending the captivity of Whales and Dolphins Sure Thing this is a step up In direction that we see Politicians getting behind The creatures of the sea Sea World and the … Continue reading


A zoo starts off as a place of woe For the ill regarded those who know They were once wild souls in the wilderness And are now subjected to captive stress Based on financial gain of sorts Not withstanding corruptive … Continue reading

Costco and it’s battery egg promises

A corporate as massive as Costco ought to be Trading on its promises and nobody should see A producer doing the opposite and ethics in the frame Hillandale somehow does fail that’s what some do claim Nearby eggs is a … Continue reading

Yulin and Duffy

Yulin kills thousands of dogs Or so the people say And Duffy has stepped up To bring the message that they pay A high price there in China For the yulin people eat Pet dogs and really any dogs Even … Continue reading

A pilot whale makes his protest

A pilot whale that beached itself In a protest so I hear Has been floated and gone off To show the world at large The fear The worst some 700 or so are torn apart In the Faroes in a … Continue reading