Monthly Archives: May 2015

Zoo’s are not places for animals

A zoo is no place for wild animals, they Are far better off living far far away Wherever their true habitat is they,ought Be left there to live there we never should have caught The bug which is capture, trapping … Continue reading

I know where Hell is Today and probably everyday

The undisputed champions Of vileness to pigs anywhere Has to be Australia A Land of sunshine To beware Lucent shows us that Hell is here It’s of our making With all the fear That any man just anywhere Could conjure … Continue reading

Autism and the claim made by Katie Hopkins

It be your presumption Your hypothesis That autism stems From a crazy thesis An excuse to claim benefit From the big pot No Katie Hopkins That isn’t the lot Of parents with Children whose instinctive minds Register sadness Under the … Continue reading


We are the virus Carnivores serve Up the dead bodies They have the nerve To kidnap and slaughter And offer for sale Another’s life force That’s my sad tale To steal babies from mothers To eat and display Like the … Continue reading

The leopards eats ocean wrasse in his fresh water swimming poo

It’s a sickness Of man unkind An alienation To pure lunacy A cretinism Bound out of a way To finance more profit On any day Nothing is natural It doesn’t exist Just utter confusion From that they enlist A creative … Continue reading

The lion who was the king of the jungle is now the king for the canned hunter

Lions have value as targets The American hunter has paid South African farmers to root up their trees To do away with their cattle For they wanted to please It’s all about money The greatest extent Farm lions for hunters … Continue reading

Corporate water for sale via Nestlé chairman

It’s all about control And nothing else at all Privatise the water That’s Peter Brabeck’s call A complete unconsciousness An unknown quantity Nescient and unknowing An obscurantist actually Senselessness futility In many ways I’d say An air of such buffoonery … Continue reading

They think it’s funny!

Medieval torture Blood shedding everywhere Not appreciating life And everything that’s there Animate existence Vitality and force Hearts blood and reality It’s at our very source Psychopathic monsters Walking in our midst Thinking they are clever It’s as if they … Continue reading

Chicken who you calling chicken?

Asda’s really going through the mangle Their chickens seemingly bunged up with stuff Campylobacter seems to want to get amongst them 80per cent of them that’s really tough Cooped up in those massive sheds is something Living in their own … Continue reading

Spies are everywhere

A certain P. Igeon was apprehended,he Was found in Pakistan they say Acting suspiciously He now has been arrested Which seems a blooming shame A flighty bit of business With a rather funny name A fickleness apparent Flying here and … Continue reading