The sun is out the sky is blue

The sun has shone it’s light
on the
Sea World
Aqua Club
and tells about the Orca’s
It’s a peculiar rub

Stolen from their mothers
And plucked out of
the sea
Then put in tanks together
But it seems to me

Fed on all the dead fish
In a chlorinated pool
Concrete is the buffer
Extending to through the wall

The orcas suffer inwardly
Emotional as hell
It’s such a bleak uncertainty
It’s grotesque in fact as well

Sea World built it’s business
As the Orcas took their bit
Unprepossessing ugliness
Really lots of shit

Flying every which way
A tedium so stale
An uninteresting treadmill
And on it people fail

And cetaceans become ponderous
They really suffer so
Really in a rock pool,
And no one wants to know

They all get so dispirited
Their hopelessness we feel
And crest fallen
Grim-visaged all for real

A grieving heart
Beats inwardly

It just should never be
The ordeal was tremendous
For free

Annoying and truly painful
And troublesome to see
Suffering the vagaries of confinement
orca’s do
Feel wretched and melancholic
As does all their crew

A collapsed fin
Whines and clicks
A sharp fatigue or two
Spiritless and stoic
And all that’s said is true

It’s no wonder such frustration
Builds up from for what,to do
It’s no wonder that they
Lose their cool
And trouble does ensue

Trainers may get beaten
May get injured it’s for real
What we do to captive souls
They really cannot take
Their spring is wound so tightly
So Inevitably it does break

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