Cameron’s Tory expose

Cameron’s after the snob vote
Killing wild animals he
Is after the blood sport
To The ugly vindictive degree
He wins my displeasure completely
And my indignation as well
I am no admirer of this little git
I hope that they send him to Hell

Unamused unimpressed actually
He’s so far off course as to see
An arrogant god in his sights now
Tally Ho Cameron we
Will not put our cross
on your ballot
The fox and the hare cannot
chased up the park
And over the fence
I will tell you it’s not going to be

The Tory toffs will be out voting
With their light blue ties they will be
Wearing their rosettes
And singing in tune
Driving pensioners by Ferarri

As long as they vote for great leader
Cameron blood sports and all
One thing for certain they won’t get my vote
I am not fucking part of their school
I can’t stand this cruelty angle
Trapping and shooting for they
part of the toff lands so many arses
Ready to bundle away

The terrier men and the rest of them
Aggressive people for sure
Drinking their schooners of fino
And just coming back for some more
Cameron really has bitten off too much
The countryside needs them to be
Living where they were created
Not chased up the park constantly

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