The Pentagram

Working with change
Is how we arrange
It’s what we’re about
As we grow older
And significantly bolder
In actuality begin to doubt

Everything moves
at the great speed of light
The need to backtrack
and to be
Riding a path
to the Glastonbury Tor
Through a wood
It is where we feel free

As we slowed in our gait
So our focus to date
Watches Nature
Whose always around
As pagans we see all that true
Where the birdsAnd the animals they
Speak to each other
Instinctive behaviour
Let nobody stand in their way

Rollright’s and Stonehenge
The old sacred sights
All 3 dimension but we
Can take on that magical mystery tour
And a real Slice of true history

At the waters of life every city
Bourne’s even wells
Would they say have solved
Ley lines run rampant
Great hills situate
These magical places
Now join the debate

Magic is magic
It’s always been there the 5 pointed star
Our significant share

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