Another Peter Baldwin classic

Another Peter Baldwin Classic
Digitally displayed
In London’s Piccadilly
We had come to their aid
From noon till six we braved the Winter
Cold and stood our ground
“Shame shame shame on Japan”
Behold that tumultuous sound

We were up against that traffic noise
The hooting horns,the trucks
The buses and the lorries and the taxi’s
All that sucks
The security men and the coppers
Moving us about
Not letting us feel comfortable
And feeling of so much doubt
the Japanese they look at us
Through their windows,they
Go about their business
In I suppose their business way

Po-faced as we point at them
Chant at them and shout
Whistle, blow our horns and sirens
Those poor dolphins they flout
And we the protestor warriors
Sickened by it all
We have all come into London
And though our backs are to the wall

Ĺštanding clasping hands
Shouting with all our might
We are the Dolphin army
And we all live in the light
You can not ever stop us
The cruelty we know
The banging boats and
The pithing rods
And the pods sold off
To show
To ship by air to anywhere
SEAWORLD their cash cows
We have to come together
We are all now in the flow

And Peter’s voice and melody
Drifts calmly across the sky
The voice, of the voiceless
For the ones we know will die
The pods split up and left to be
Emotionally so lost
And the babies kidnapped and despised
At an enormous cost

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