One thousand pounds of muscle
A stout neck a fine head
A bull of some distinction
Who is well and truly dead
The pageant the arena
The show goes on we see
5000 avid supporters
At the bullfight where he be

Fit and strong and fighting
Well fighting for his life
After the team of torturers
Have increased the power and strife
Bleeding oh he has been stabbed
Many times that’s how
Karla de Los Angeles
Expected him to bow

Down before her take her thrust
Let her slaughter deep
Weaken him with devilish swipes
But he was not asleep
He was really firing
On all cylinders and
her over his fine head
And gored her
His horns went on through

Her thigh and gluteal muscles
The pain it must have been
Shocking for this young women
The spectacle obscene
And she a female matador
And mother of a child
Up against this wonderful beast
Who knew really how wild

He was and he took umbrage
At being expected to
Allow some female matador
To well just run him through
Others there were injured
I can’t say that I care
bull fighting isn’t fighting
It’s bull murder, and I swear

For women to fight animals
With a wish to run them through
Just shows how sick they really are
To do what they now do
And no regret whatsoever
Except the boundless fear
All she could say was how sorry
She did not cut off his ear

What a heartless bitch I say
What an evil fool
She was so upset about not killing
This bull
Torture it see it’s blood
Spurting from its back
Watching it, hearing it
Under such a sustained attack

These women are not women
Not feminine anymore
They fill their guts with bull flesh
Of that I am bloody sure

What comes next
That’s what she feels
I can only hope that she
Finds more bulls who hurt her
For the sake of sanctity
Their suffering is evident
Their agony we feel
Their sadness and their mournfulness
Is really very real
I really feel uneasy
That people pay to see
Animals being slaughtered
And feel nothing actually

A mother with a baby girl
To look after and to love
And what does she do
She murders bulls
Clearly no peaceful dove
This war horse this evil bitch
All she wants to do
It cuts a dying bulls ear off
Ugly through and through

Impassive and unconscious
A block of solid ice
Unemotional and unconcerned
Nothing about her nice
Deadened to reality
Culture in her veins
Impervious to the need for life
And all it’s vital strains

I cannot call this courage
Red blooded maybe she
Has that audacious arrogance
That I don’t wish to see
Women copying men and being manly
It’s not right
To me they are craven hearted
A lamp without a light

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