Influenza vaccines promising the earth
You can sit in sainsburys or the chemist
Where it’s worth
Getting that old sleeve up and smiling at the nurse
Who sticks her nasty needle in
Is there something worse
Than god knows what and mercury
And chicken snot may be
Shake it up and it’s in your blood
For all eternity

And what would you go and do that for
You haven’t got a clue
That cocktail of juicy bits
What will it do for you
A winter without sneezing
Or that hacking cough at night
Or death if you are elderly
So it just sounds alright

But obviously its cobblers
It’s big pharma on the make
They want to flog the vaccines
It’s the profit that they take
But just because you get a shot
There is no guarantee
You won’t get influenza
Or the death bells ringing free

You will get loads of side effects
That goes without saying
Better get down on your knees
Do a spot of praying
Listen to the scientist
At John
Hopkins University
Tells it like it really is
So take a tip from me

Forget about the flu jab
Forget about it all
Tell Sainsbury’s you are not coming back
However loud they call

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