Going around in circles

Remember that time
When you hoped to be
A pop singing success
Your heartfelt plea

You were ready to raise
Your game up on the stage
But you took a big knock
More than you dared gauge

Enter an angel Simon maybe
Who gave you a chance
With another three

Boys in the same place
At the same tIme
And so first direction
Flew out of the grime

As life took a step up
Into the light
It had paid off
It just felt right

The music was settling
The audience too
Were keen the pop scene
Was waiting for you

Then the peripheral
entered the field
The animal warriors
The voiceless shield

A video cometh
out of the blue
And sank in the mire
As some sadly do

Animals are you see
A voiceless breed
They suffer in silence
And few do succeed

They get no leg up
Where ever they are
They are in the wrong place
They are never a star

Nobody cares for them
It’s all about
Money and money and money
The doubt

comes from a few
who will
Give passion and heartbreak
And try to instil

In hearts and in minds
That animals are
More than just animals
They are the star

And should be left
To do what they do
Not stuck in the limelight
With people like you

With chains around their necks
And obliged to be
Tame and in essence
Slaves tragically

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