Animals used to entertain

No animals were harmed
4 words that indicate that he
Is happy on that tractor tyre
As happy as can be
The tyre
I mean they are the craze
He’s huddled there alone
I can’t say from his body language
That he’s comfortable
He’s shown

Looking really miserable
And the cell does look to me
Really rather ropey
Which anyone can see
It looks as if a damned good clean
Would help I have to say
If this is called looked after
There must be a better way

And the chimp is looking grumpy
Filled with angst and woe
No animals were harmed
In case you didn’t know
One direction they know where they are
Riding high across the sky
Everyone a star

But this poor old chimpanzee
Who has seen better days
Is after getting a better job
With a company that pays
The entertainment industry
For animals is poor
They. work all hours
But don’t get paid
Much more than before
Possibly a banana
You really never know
But really it is an abuse
To be part of the show

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