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Live exports a step too far

Live exports show us how compassion doesn’t find its way into Government circles or the Farmers Psyche, they think about closing the deal and the money in the bank as for the fate of animals their faces just go blank … Continue reading

Air India why renege on your deal with Peta ( it does you know favours)

Today we parked ourselves out in the Aldwych the Indian Embassy was just in sight Air India reneged on carrying animals from the wilds to the laboratories, the height of arrogance and a lack of true compassion to do this … Continue reading

Farmers with that attitude are best put in prison

We need to take an iron bar to him give him a bit of punishment that he’s dolling out he’s clearly human shit beating them about the back what kind of man is he a farmer with an attitude and … Continue reading

Live exports from the perspective of the earthling

Live exports are an anathema to many, for we see sentient beings shipped around by trailer and by sea we know the stress that’s caused to us when understanding does accompany these journeys but imagine how the buzz of change … Continue reading

That’s how it has to be, for the male calf and the dairy industry

Here I am holed up inside dear mama and now I’ve broken out into the real world in mama’s eyes I am her little star look at me all wet an energetic soul just about on top of really walking … Continue reading

Air India a USP for you

When travelling Air India spare a big thought for the beagles and the other dogs in the holds below for sure in tiny little cages consigned to laboratories for experimentation you just must not ignore taken out of freedom these … Continue reading

Gin traps ( steel jaws designed to torture banned in UK 1904

who could have really worked out how to torture and to harm innocent little creatures who really remain calm living in the moment dying in the field why do humans sink that low and use sharp teeth to wield clasp … Continue reading

Bo’ai dog eating festival China 21/6

it happened last year and will happen again its a hell of sight all that terrible pain for those unfortunate dogs those pitiful strays stolen from here and there and caged for days just look at them fretting pushed into … Continue reading

Melancholia poor bear

I have been to the pits in my life and I know that probably this is the last place I’ll go so far removed from the land of my birth where the trees and the grasses were something of worth … Continue reading

Badgers deserve better 25 years the murdering begins lawfully in June

Shoot Badgers for 25 years our government ministers heighten my fears ignorance and the so called meat trade money is all about money its laid at the farmers and corporates who get off scot free the badgers can die indefinitely … Continue reading