Monthly Archives: February 2013

Beyonce and her new shoes

Oh dear judgement is it good or bad I think bad we shall see what the public and her fans feel Continue reading

Astra Zeneca and its missing Beagles

Astra Zeneca puts out its message all the dogs have gone to private homes how true is it though Continue reading

Wyoming’s wolves

1/3/2013 extension of killing wolves in Wyoming begins Continue reading

Beaching of Dolphins in NZ

the scenario is frightening the wild folk know this the people some do most will one day wake up when its too late Continue reading

Experimental Vaccines for the children

To me this is ominous behaviour from a country that stood for freedom
Continue reading

The Whaling debacle in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary

Whaling is passed its sell by date, America who cares about their Laws,, Australia, at last stands up and we can count on them, Sea Shepherd was the world’s conscience,, a brave man and a brave crew, who faced the wrath, and walked the path.
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sPAIN its all in the name

the child has her own way of helping the Bull Continue reading

Carrying on the fur theme(from a raccoon dog being skinned) his last words to us all

torture and mayhem Continue reading

To the hags of the world (sorry no punches pulled here)

fur bearers fur wearers fur sharers Continue reading

How animals have to suffer so and how its passed onto consumers

fear hastens Continue reading