The Namibian Seal Slaughter starts 1/7/2012

We must try to understand why
they are doing it
In Namibia why seals
what have they done
well, seals eat fish
and man eats fish
and thats really the reason
a fresh conflict of interest
How we all wish
it didn’t have to be this way
but people, gorge themselves
on fish, as do the seals
and because of this
the 90,000 or so
each July, are slaughtered
and we all know
how that feels

We can try and put ourselves
in the equation
poor babies in their yellow
skins and white
still on mothers milk
and rich nutrition
struck down
by paid goons
from a great height
of madness akin
to a frenzied temper
with wooden clubs
they beat the pups until
their heads cave in
thats when they sadly vomit
milk and blood
and then they just lay still
How could these wee babies know
why they have to suffer so
when all they see and hear
is that last thud

if their lucky, they’re
despatched immediately
with all the promise
of their life ahead
gone in one wild awful moment
that of course destroys the dream
and leaves them in a deepening
pool of red
on the other hand if only stunned
the agony,the helplessness
as more blows rain down
from on high
despatched of course to Heaven
to Seal Heaven
but reduced to pulp
and never knowing why

To ge back to those fiends
those men brought in to do the
grisly job of murdering
so many baby seals
these sod’s live in shacks
and carry out attacks
one wonders deep down
how a person feels
its all about the money
for the pelts
such horrid evil nastiness
contamination of the soul
contempt, for only a few bucks
is their reward
from people all around the world
who come to hear of this
to decimate a species
in the bubble of pure bliss
who annihilate these infants
en masse, one must proclaim
how humanity degenerates
and can never be the same
for to take these lives
and put a’sunder
infants in this way
can only unleash a karmic debt
that all of us will pay

The murderers are paid
a measly sum there as a rule
the traders on the other hand
get a fair old haul
they ship their wretched
cargo around the world
this trade
Namibia insults us with its
murderous charade
in what is billed a
protectorate, charging tourists to
see the packs of seals at rest
and when they are gone
they do
From Cape Cross out to Europe
across the oceans wide
this vilest of transactions
tears at the inside
deceit and the frenzied rampage
of morons who too must
live with such behaviour
whose outcome does disgust.

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