Monthly Archives: June 2012

Transgenic husbandry

The fight back is on Pharma genome projects are putting the backs of animals up and this may be the last straw Continue reading

Vegans offer a way out of this mayhem

We are all Earthlngs our right of life is precious to us Vegans offer all sentient’s this ethic Continue reading


The Earthlings film may open your eyes,when you watch learn from it and change Continue reading

Corporate policy and animal rights

Human wrongs and Animal Rights but animals quietly endure our care and go to their deaths at our behest tearful and crying for our souls Continue reading

A mothers lament for the runt that she loved

Man has adopted the right to treat other animals so aggressively and so painfully but he does it with many excuses and profits financially from it. Continue reading

From womb to tomb a reason to consider veganism as an option

a vegan option, morality and ethics based the animals cry out in horror and we send them into Hell and then eat them,wear them,use them and waste their existence because of addiction Continue reading

Sea Shepherd and Captain Paul Watson

Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson how we miss him and his heart searching work Continue reading

The Arctic, the oil and its effect on the Polar Bear and the Walrus

Shell Oil is in the Arctic along with others their derricks and drills litter the pristine wilderness already Continue reading

The Language of dance

Inspired by a video sent to me from a Facebook friend in France a lady dancing Continue reading

China’s lure for the dreaded cure

The use that is still made of animal body parts in Traditional Chinese medicine banned in Europe but black marketeers and gangster elements ensure the trade is vibrant still Continue reading