Oh dear! I nearly made a terrible blunder at Perth International

The wine we drove
all day to buy
I packed 3
in my haversack
and at the airport
euphoria took
out my hearing
which was why

I didn’t realize
my haversach then had
liquid and I
was breaking all the airline laws
and I suddenly knew why
I had to tell the powers to be
and did so right away
they offerred to reclaim my case
but it had gone away

To prevent all that
I gave the wine to my
dearest friend alive
she liked it and it didn’t matter
1 bottle did survive
green ginger wine I gave to
my wife when I got back
she hasn’t tried it yet but I still see
it on the rack.

People carry duty free
they buy that after
is checked and re-checked
that is why
everyone can bring
that wine in one’s hand
but not wine bought before
If I’d packed in my
suitcase it would
be allowed for sure

or may be all 4 bottles
could not have survived
the trip
maybe they’d have broken
I had to take a grip
on circumstances really
it could have been the case
that my clothes would
be soaked in alcohol
and broken glass
at base

And so took the
decision cristina
could partake
My wife has got 1 bottle
safe and sound
of that great make
the others stayed
in WA
Yes! the best idea
and my clothes were
not polluted
from Australia to here

but I see it sitting in the rack

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