Primates never pets

Human couples unable
to have a normal child
Might sometimes settle for
a Chimpanzee
Taken from the wild
These are unregulated
just a license thats was all
and so began a tragedy
That really did appal

Desperate to have some sort of baby
in their care
And so they plump for a little
baby monkey in which to share
Its I suppose because we resemble
Hairier may be but the same size
That the couple in the beginning
think its possible
Their euphoria means they don’t realise
They can lavish all the love
They feel they want to
But this sweet soul was plucked out of
the wild
Its primate family was in fact its everything
Perfect for the little primate child
It will be emotionally damaged
By this unnatural ordeal
Of course missing its mother
And every tasty meal

Now so alone and lost in some detached house
Locked inside this very foreign place
For what seems an eternity
Remembering its mother
The sweet sensation of her caring face
She held me close and cuddled me and kissed me
She was warm and as tender as could be
My foster parents whilst they are now trying
They have the smell of humans constantly
She wears this artifical scent so sickly
And he has a sour smell about him they
Are clearly very alien and surround themselves with artifacts
I fancy that in time I’ll fade away

Though very young we played around we tumbled
we bumbled over vistas oh! so green
Jungle life was wonderful I loved it
The trees incredibly tall, and some did lean
Against the winds and biting rain dancing to a wild refrain
I’d give my soul to get back again
To get back where I had been
But I realised it was not to be
I must make the best of my life and see
They were not my kin but they served me well
Till I grew a bit and they then did sell
Me back to the pet shop and once again
Thrust in a cage brought back that pain
I would mutter a lot and feel upset
I wouldn’t be anyone else’s pet

And then it happened one wet day
A lady came and to me did say
I’m from Monkey World and I think you would
enjoy it there, it would be good
They have big enclosures and lovely staff
Mostly girls who all like to laugh
They are caring thoughtful and it could be
An ideal place for you to see
She paid some money to the man
And drove me in a nice clean van
It didn’t have that human smell
I sat and pondered, but I felt well

It took a while and
some quite strange sounds
But eventually we were in the grounds
I heard some whispers I heard some song
Gibbons and Chimps if I’m not wrong
The place was big and hilly too
and green there were trees and a lovely view
They had agreed to take me in
So it seems for me it was win win
All the monkeys there had been
Rescued from circus, some were mean
some had been tortured, several were there
from some laboratory unaware
Of what freedom felt,
but we gradually
found our hearts did melt
Having come from a similar tragic space
we were able to bond with a certain grace

Who ever that women was, who saved me
She came from Holland young petra p
So kind hearted and soft and sweet
With wavy hair and was light on her feet
She carried me and I felt her heart
She was warm and her eyes just did impart
a long embrace, she so good to me
I was saved, for this place I did agree
Was a place where I could make some friends
Just imagine how that sends
ones feelings into overdrive
For at last it was good to be alive.

Written for my friend Petra Postma of Holland just a little story for you for 2012

5 comments on “Primates never pets

  1. lone wolf on said:

    Just loved this one, brother <3
    It was amazingly pictorial & honestly I felt it with all my heart …
    You know we have same feelings about it & talked about it alot about Monkey World & our dreams …Maybe some day … ;)

  2. Rex Tyler on said:

    Yes brother I know we do. I wrote this for a lady who lived in Holland she is a pure heart too, and was not feeling very well.Primates used for scientific research is such an evil thing,didn’t they or we pay the price of importing rhesus monkey and green monkeys and using their kidneys as a substrate for live polio virus, thousands died all over the world but they continue to trap and use these priceless souls that have done nothing whatso ever to harm us.

  3. Petra Postma on said:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful poem, dear Rex!
    What you write comes straight from your heart, therefore it goes straight into mine. I’m very honoured that you dedicated the poem to me and very happy to be your friend! xxx

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