Monthly Archives: December 2011

Kanyini ( dedicated to my dear friend Zeitgeister meme)

What the white man did to the aborigines of Australia was horrific between 1910=1970 50,000 children were stolen from their parents, imagine how that feels to be stolen and your whole world turned upside down,unthinkable Continue reading

Looking backwards and forwards to the next few generations

a look into the future based on today Continue reading

A Sea of Pigs

Its hard to find words perhaps the only word is holocaust 45 billion souls lost to humanity each year of which 50% of their tortured bodies are consumed and 50% are rendered down for pet foods A sheer waste of life and a terrible karmic debt on those countries allowing such slaughter to take place Continue reading

Baby Seals

For 30 years I have campaigned to stop Canadians murdering baby seals but Canada’s ears have been deafened by the noise of dollars being counted per pelt, that they allow to be killed I am sorry .Canada is a sick place somewhere I would never think of going to. Continue reading

Rabbits and their fur

Leave Rabbits alone they are not to be abused and used for their skin and fur by an Industry thats as ignorant as pigs shi! Continue reading

Cripples and Downers

Animals that cannot walk by themselves to be murdered by paid executioners.Some are just too sick or have been injured and crushed in transit, or are crippled by their life circumstances. Continue reading

Pain is pain whether inflicted on animals or human beings

The way chicks are treated so as to initiate them into factory farms is totally inhumane and it shouldn’t only be for the vegans to bring this abject cruelty to the table Continue reading

The Tiger

The Power to Create apparently is now in the hands of the few,replication seems possible Continue reading

We, The indigenous First people

I can’t start to think how the indigenous must feel, the nation that they gave birth to, who massacred many of them and now celebrates that murdering spell with Thanksgiving, who have witnessed in their lives the theft of their lands and the criminality on their families Continue reading

100 million Turkeys ( and thats in the UK alone)

there are around 62 million people in the UK and this Christmas day around 100 million Turkeys have been, not only kept in a tortured sad life but slaughtered to provide each of you with a Christmas Lunch what a waste of creative life such carnage happiness can never stem from such an event GO VEGAN save lives Continue reading