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Open your eyes

Open your eyes what can you see slaughterhouse gates and a field where the free once roamed once ate the grass of the moor now in a truck on the dirty old floor   The gates they creak open its … Continue reading

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Veal you open your fucking eyes

We are babies babies, a few days old that’s all lost in your sodding vacuum nobody to call mothers lowing somewhere but I am all alone the bastards how they throw me I have a broken bone already I am … Continue reading

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DJibouti to Hargeisa you take your life in your hands

The oldest and most dillapidated road trucks Ply this route its difficult and hard Loaded up with all sorts its so dangerous On unmade roads you have to be on guard Every moment of the long long journey There are … Continue reading

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Eyes of the world

The eyes of the world The hearts and the minds Are destined to suffer As the drive it unwinds The thrashing we see Desperation and pain Denounced by TAIJI’s Malignant refrain Herded like calves to the slaughter Bobbing around in … Continue reading

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I watched the film and I cried my eyes out

There appears to be no let up in the torture in Canada its terrible to see At Hybrid Turkeys one of its big factory farms the terror really is too much for me   openly they terrorize the inmates these … Continue reading

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Exploitation of the forest and those who become your victims within it (Commercial Palm Oil)

When man destroys the forest for his own gain he will never profit long term and along the way there will be many forced to sacrifice everything Continue reading

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The Earthlings film may open your eyes,when you watch learn from it and change Continue reading

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Ann Widdicombe

This women is a warrior She is brilliant she is strong What’s happening with the little boats Of course it’s bloody wrong Our hotels packed with migrants Alien migrants too All with I phones doctors dentists Good clothes, it is … Continue reading

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Open your eyes See it A ewe gets stuffed By a machine So you can wear Wool everywhere And eat her babies Nice and lean

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Australia and all nations of the world

You don’t need a PHD In Science to Understand the principles We see All this geo engineering Everywhere in every sky The arrogance The desperation It does more than mystify People looking up Seeing curling swathes of smoke Coming out … Continue reading

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The great voyage to mexico

Steel yourselves Open your eyes this Easter Sunday where The majestic Monarch Butterfly in tall trees Needs to share Its unbelievable freedom With the masses around a bout Flying to secret sanctuaries In Mexico Lets shout out their name Let … Continue reading

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a foul mouthed fur bearer

there she was and just because wild animals have hair some folk are that ignorant and some folk do not care an animal is given hair or fur its what they need and the market share for me does scare … Continue reading

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Cheetah walks

When we walk with the Cheetah What we do we learn We learn disrespect Yes at every turn Irreverence and unregarded That is what we learn Overlooking the Cheetah and its true concern This is an arrogant theorem That Lion … Continue reading

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Corporate greed well it seems to succeed Profits, through the roof They are not aloof To amazing balance sheets And pay no heed To cruelty its about speed Speed of killing Make the birds grow fast Their bodies unwilling Their … Continue reading

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Amy Just a few thoughts.

To be out on your own with no one around An unfathomable time in it all, you are drowned There are people around you the parasites who Hang on to your boot straps but what does that do Its like … Continue reading

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Kneejerk legislation Crafted by those grey suits who Listened to the media But were not sure what to do Brought in the breed specific Which is to say the least unfair And lends itself to much abuse By humans who … Continue reading

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Gadhimai goddess of power

Oceans of animals innocent hearts Wait through November for when it all starts The vilest explosion the evil the sad Sacrifice everyone it is all bad 500,000 earthlings will be Hacked to unconsciousness In front of the thee The darkest … Continue reading

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On the way back from Tring through Ashridge Forest

Mysteriously a mildly mannered mouse managed to run across the road in front of us the lights just didn’t stun he ran like the clappers his little legs on fire going somewhere in a hurry clearly a live wire He … Continue reading

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Tripa Peat Swamp

We have to sit back and think very hard what life’s about for us all why do some profit from others big losses in truth that factor does appal long term survival is not measured by bank notes they don’t … Continue reading

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South Dakota you will pay for this

When you under value people when you take their rights away Don’t ever imagine that what you do you will not have to pay farming out the first peoples children to the white foster home is a crime against humanity … Continue reading

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Koala (Dharug gula) shared with animals australia

Do you know what its like to be an industry casualty? Do you know what its like to be pulled out of a tree Do you know what its like to crash down into the litter Do you know what … Continue reading

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Greece (a dog story not steeped in glory)

Greece is heading toward the cruellest place now in the world what some people do to animals all of this unfurled and its tantamount Hell on earth now and to evil everyday the digest comes and the victims are in … Continue reading

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The sad life and death of a fur bearing soul

A poker up the arse bite down on this mate that’s the way, you reach the rainbow bridge and this a tired tormented, animal who has to navigate this final ridge imagine that pain as the pokers forced up into … Continue reading

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Rodeo’s worldwide must be banned ( I will not hear any excuses)

roping animals who are clearly frightened is not entertainment Continue reading

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Vegans offer a way out of this mayhem

We are all Earthlngs our right of life is precious to us Vegans offer all sentient’s this ethic Continue reading

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There’s sleep in your eyes A darkly expression The veins on your nose A sad progression A sulphurous sweep Your hair sort of tousled Out and about An ugly depression You kill to be seen And strip off their pure … Continue reading

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my ode  to you bold warriors Ordinary not at all beings like no others with your heart and soul, you call the absolute the immortal strength dragged up from deep inside enduring and indestructible its more than for the ride … Continue reading

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My answer to Claudia

The rightfulness of being a friend will always be emulated  really there was no rivalry but there was ethicality and justice needs to be emblazoned on your heart My dear for you mean more to me Anyone who would hurt … Continue reading

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Coyotes cry

Don’t  ask me why coyotes cry they cry in pain they do how meaningless are humans with empty words they do allow their fellow humans to lay traps in the wild to  just be so deceitful to what is each … Continue reading

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Cretian Sea Turtle

Caring, knives out ready A ball of net and knot Fishing gear abandoned What a rotten lot Really lacking judgement We just chuck shit away The turtle lives under the sea But of course is made to pay The couple … Continue reading

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