A pig on a farm

A pig on a farm
Knows only true harm
An attempt to accept
Forever they are swept
Into a maelstrom of bitter regard
Violence and unfairness
All Constantly scarred

Their habit and lifestyle
Finds arrogance they
Know ignorant violence
For there every way
Is broken and busted
Their physical worth
Wasted and stolen
From their place on earth

Nesting and birthing
And motherly care
Cleanliness knowing
Being aware
Loving each other
Respecting the cause
Imprisoned and tortured
In fact without pause

Given little care
Lovers of life
Their urge to be good
Made to feel dirty
Crated and seen
As victims
Intolerable and so obscene

The stench of the sty
The excrement bath
Farming for profit
The violence the wrath
The evil the ugliness
All of this vile
Humanity so called
We put them on trial

They have no sweat glands
So what do we do
Let them lay in the shit
We don’t have a clue
Chop of their tails
Chip their teeth
Let them feel
Prisoners disrespect
It is for real.

About Rex Tyler

I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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