Spotlight suddenly took interest

what we saw was a terrible issue

that was covered up for years and years

the Catholic Church at the heart of it all

creation conversion and tears

taking advantage of children

many a priest seemingly

got them to offer them favours

treating them abominably


it had surfaced many times earlier

But  the church  was enabled to quosh

to move priests to some other area

apparently that seem to wash

over the problems completely

as far as the authorities they

Got rid  of the paperwork

and with a move

it was only the victims that pay


Nobody  hears tiny voices

in the night sky up above

the problem was rife

just all over the place

we have to ask where was the love.


the respect and the care for the people

when irreverence was everywhere

masses of courage the victims they suffered

Terribly  with the despair.


the church was a giant

so many men in high places can say

it was preposterous

and could ensure

left them resigned

All of those stresses nightmares in fact

With madness   Becoming aligned


some inconsolable some  felt defeat

suffering years of regret


racked with timidity

the qualms and mistrust

they were set


fine in the storm of the moment

the prejudice that was around

making out it was the victims

the children

Who in the  squalor were drowned,


they grew up  some with vile upheaval

Mistrust and misgivings  for they

had given their all   To their unseen God

And nothing was going away.


experiencing the nip and the tuck

the indiscretions prevailing

brinkmanship sickness all dire

as time went on some were ailing

the truth it gushed forth

the craven the cowardly

The rotters  a blight

The  Catholic Church had assembled

And really had no appetite

for disclosing the truth

So it  covered

all of its tracks anyway

recriminations should go on forever

its so important they pay


the reporters were raring to get on with it

fastidiousness was the name of the game

no stone unturned

no bridges burned

this was their  purposeful claim


a brainstorm of journalist rigour

An editor straining to be

in the midst of this gloom

stuck to the task

along with the depravity


some 90 Priests on the paper
and the Catholic Church knew it all

wonderment, that had been cancelled

an affront to those taking their call


so many hearts had been broken

so many souls had been lost

The agony reached every mortal

in truth a terrible cost


the contempt and the scorn

it was awful

grown men cried avidly they

were giving their god

what he asked for

each one consumed on that day


the terror  a despicable feeling

That swelled  in their guts

night and day

there is no forgetting

the ravish and the way they had

been made  to pay.


the paper though cut through

the bullshit

exposing the truth  as it was

the Church received censure


what went  before

Was because

They all were terribly evil

and it went on for years

Making those

sweet children pay

for the lust and the filth

whilst their priests quietly all

crept away.









About Rex Tyler

I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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