An inexplicable destination

in what is a desert

the Mojave  desert

cold in the night time

hot in the day

South East California to Yutah

a way

away its barren and so very hot

but apart from the  extremes

there isnt a lot

of people around here

Death Valley Park

and here we find Dolphins

all leaving their mark


from the ocean to this hell hole

a small pool of blue

where there are people

if only a few

set up shop

animals frequently

make it their place

to go with the flow

and like here a disgrace.

its wild and its dusty

an inhospitable place

hazardous driving

something folks face

undying immortal

a powdery blue sky

above us the rest

is massively dry.


in this wild landscape

are Joshua Trees 48000 odd miles

wind the tape

existence is possible

seemingly so

Sparseness and meagreness

thats if you go


2013 someone had an idea

Dolphins in the  Mojave

it didn’t make sense

An American nightmare

the Mirage Hotel a Casino

of sorts

imported  some dolphins

and some rather sad thoughts


a world of difference

the sun and the sand

Wild dolphins imported

Who’d understand

a vast arid area

baked  hard we see

Captive dolphins in situ

their obscurity



was the new kid

on the great block of time

somewhat incomplete

the perfunctory rhyme


a blue concrete pool

24 Dolphin souls

a Hotel and Casino

all in new roles

an alien landscape


a shindig a bedlam

a muddled display


the blistering heat

no ancestors before

from the cool of  the sea

a beginning, no more

an impression not much else

the heat of the day

and the skin of the creatures

from far far away.


an assemblage of creatures

Who lived in the deep

in the cool of  the ocean

a life force to reap

and now were transported

into a hot place

with a great baking sun

a making its case


No shade  to speak of

Just relentless heat

a dwindling life force

so indiscreet

so foreign so out of it

an inversion of sorts

jiggery pokery

Somebody’s thoughts

to the fore in the raw

an encircling pool

with so many limitations

a circle thats all


learning to leap

in a rather tight space

an orbit of oggling

All over the place

a complete change of scenery

that was for sure

something to get over

and must want some more


skin blisters dry cough

an environment lost

the lack of  water

whatever that cost

mankind is anything but

kind and we

see 24 Dolphins shipped

not thoughtfully


a degree of  obtuseness

a sweltering mood

so cold at night

a dead kind of place

lacking all,pace


Audible pictures

Coming to mind

the call of the sea

and how we unwind

in an oven of  hell fire

vibrations galore

but all of them alien

not as before


different sounds

More human

dissonance here

what is a yowling

and what about fear


a complex equation

of deafness and scent

its all out of  earshot

nothing felt lent

to the luminous order

the transmission of light

to the glassiness water

and the colours sent


12 Dolphins deaths

11 there be

Bored to the tears

and rationed we see

a great lack of extremes

of images raw

for now where we be

there are no life forms

the aspect of sharing

with the utmost care

really how daring


brainwashed by trainers

who think that they know

what makes us tick

which is quite a blow

in all probability

we all need to be

practical survivors



Commerce and human

activity, mean’s

the stresses we feel

more like have beens

filed away in a place

with the sun beaming high

and a rather hot face


Feeling unwholesome

stagnant and blue

as the days pass degeneracy

it does do

mischief inside of us

we’re disempowered

on a razors edge

Left  to play to the crowd.


























About Rex Tyler

I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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