Refrigerated storage

Snowdonia a place of  NATURAL beauty

seemingly and frighteningly might be

if the planning goes ahead

dead animals will be

stored there a facility

where farmers can drop off

their dead animals for storage

it seems horrible to me

up a single track road

the “kennels” is its name

already a planning application

was refused it  seems the blame

to do with an incinerator

of  hunting dogs  their kills

and now another application

i have to say it chills

me to think an application

Could be lodged  and be

adding to the carnage

it feels awful actually


Snowdonia a place of Natural Beauty

a grade 2 listed building is close by

water and yes housing

what of   run off

to me it just feels wrong

under the sky



NP5/62/63F refused application

For the same site.




About Rex Tyler

I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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