Meat eatIng and Science

Experimentation and Science

Technology its everywhere

so many excuses

so many abuses

of animals left in despair

the lockdowns have cut back

some  cases

but this year its rising again

some 86000 procedures

all of them with immense pain

dogs cats and Rabbits

Horses as well

Monkeys we know
Who goes to Hell.?

the injured, the animals

the technicians,  who

murder and experiment

thats what they do

Science oh yea the passport

of fear

3 million godly souls

its very clear

laboratories still want

to murder and maim

behind closed doors

so it is the same

animal rights

deleted for sure

Medicine and testing

Its  the silent war


About Rex Tyler

I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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