Taiji Fishermen

Dolphins have a brain
Much bigger than the Taiji Blokes
Whose nasty pranks
With pipes and noise
Seriously invokes
A fear
A culpability
A wrongfulness
A vile
A kind of shrilling buzz
That threatens pods and families
Illicit and denied
An unjustified assumption
That Dolphins feel inside
These Japanese are basically
Despoilers bulgar vile
Wreckers and defacers
Villains without style

Misanthropic larrikans
Sinners through and through
Scurrilous and abusive
In really all the do
Taking on the infants
And the females in the pod
We see and feel their ferocity
For them there is no god
They Are brutal and vitriolic
Foul-mouthed non believers
Ugly and forbidding
They have never been achievers
Skulking sunless scowling
Dyspeptic crabby stern
Sharp tempered snd dangerous
This much all can learn

The dolphins never killed a man
Nor harmed a living soul
They are known to assist a drowning seamen
Its their role
As angels of the ocean
Their devotion they do share
Its doubly rotten to kill them
It is very unfair
Taiji know the world over
Its infamous and cruel
They have built up a resentment
A repugnance its a fuel
That compromises Intimacy
A virulence in fact
Inimical and unfriendly
Thats why we all react

So awfully to them

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