Rubbing shoulders whilst neglecting the poor pigs

Having a name
Thats potent and powerful
It gives one great influence
Dominance too
It! can do wonders
For getting the business
Behind the great man and all that
Yea its true

Pig Sleigh Pig Unit
A chairman it happens
QMS the Scottish Government
Got it for he
Had everything going
The MEATtrade was rampant
Tesco and Lidl and M&S
Were three
Markets just wanting
Their pork from this outfit
Beautiful pigs
Cared for as we would wish
But in squalid dark places
Flooded with excrement
Water and ugliness
Tired sows lay spent
In so much pain
Forget all that influence
Just an illusion
For me just disdain

Pigs are sweet animals
With understanding
They love the cleanliness
They want to nest
Never would they choose
To dump where they lay
That is man’s idea
But does ignorance pay
Not in the long run
These poor souls were pining
Their tails cut with hot blades
Their teeth chipped with pliers
Pigs they feel pain
More so than the workers
And Philip Sleigh clearly
Did seemingly strain
His ligaments thinking
That inside those hovels
Agony ensued
Sows suffered terribly
Their poor vulva’s torn
Prolapses hanging
What were the grounds
Ever since they were born

They suffered a torment
And the slaughterhouse told us
Quality pork on your fork
You can buy
All this rubbing shoulders
With buyers
telling the markets
How everything was
Effective and weighty
Mesmeric compelling
When in point of fact
Well it would be telling

To be a pig there
In utopian splendour
Given to believe
Pig heaven was where
Everything positive
Sprung from the unit
Instead of what felt
Like a house of despair

Animals cried by themselves
In the darkness
Each hour of each day
Was a stifling time
No vets were present
But masses of suffering
Deprived of life
Of sweet air, just vile slime
To walk in,to sit in
The stench it was dreadful
Distress and adversity
Was their reward
Anguish and heartache
It Was a constant
Apparently joy
They couldn’t afford

When it came out
How dreadful
Utopia was
The markets dropped
Just like a ton of bricks they
Might have found out before
Placing their orders
Someone slipped up
So the pigs had to pay

Animal Equality
They were the angels
Who did their inspection
And were sickened to see
Them not being cared for
In fact just a shit hole
Of the throbbing disaster
They were never free

They were never safe
They were never clean
They were never cared for
It is obscene
Females in agony
Crying and snorting
Resigned to just waiting for death
Many sporting
Intestines hanging
Chewed on by comrades
Just writing this down
Sickens me so
Labelling dead souls
With wonderful labels
Attracting the carnivores
And its these trolls
Who earn more
These poor pigs
Frightfully upset
Made to exist in
A gutter of slime
The chairmen has left
The markets bereft
Of the agonised dead flesh
And their passing of time

Piglets sweet babies
Cuddly infants
Imagine this will you
You meat eating scum
Bashed with a hammer
Babies with eyes to see
Feeling their heads aching
So Miserably
Left to bleed out
On this earth we are sharing
“As good as any bullet”
The adage they use
These abusive bastards
No prison is good enough
They should be made to
Sleep where they abuse

Them make them see sense
It is frightful to imagine
Troll like vile larrikans
Walk through the halls
Beating up infants
Chipping their Teeth
With rusty old pliers
It just beggars belief

And seeing their body parts
Pristine in white trays
Bacon for breakfast
If only they knew
The iniquity present
The shame and the outrage
Each one a casualty
A ruinous brew

Of grossness and rottenness
Decay and morbidity
Bitterness painfulness
Wretched and mean
Now appearing flawless
All picture perfect
But Tainted and spotted
From where they had been.

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