Yves Salomon and all the other names who march to the same music

Blatancy and shamelessness
Delusional grandiosity
Self important swagger
A fanfaronade of publicity
Searching out the innocent
Godly creatures who
Wear their coats to keep them warm
Its exactly what they do

The pageant of cruelty
Innovative they say
Murdering the modest
Who go about their day
With humbleness and quietness
Put on this earth to be
Lifeforms of good character
Demeaned by some who see

A way of making money
From a lineage of pain
The dreariest days they talk about
Those tragically who gain
Skins and furs of others
And by so doing fail
To hear the blood and thunder
The tears and grief
A tale

Of terror and of woefulness
Families trapped and lost
They call it historical know how
But the actual cost
Of the living godly form
Murdered in cold blood
And fashioned into Snob wear
I see a pompous flood

Of clearly hardly practical
Rakish jaunty gear
Fabulously expensive
Covering the fear
The sadness and the torment
The cocky brash attire
Brazenly impertinent
For the animals so dire

Rebellious and cavalier
and end to life that was
Beautiful a creation
Beautiful because
It was a gift of nature
Souls who celebrate
A reason and a purpose
A life that too was great

Yves Salomon and others
The so called chic brigade
Dramatically they insult
Wild creatures whose parade
Is quietly with a fondness
Within the Natural World
Families whose devotion
Has sadly seen them hurled

Into couture houses
Where audacious design
Becomes the be and end all
Where designers, fine
And dandy, use their daring
Overbearing violence and
Create from godly skin
And life,
something hard to understand

What was once that life form
Murdered skinned and made
Into a high end fabric
The dead bodies laid
As far away as possible
Where memories can be
Turned into a loathing
For the rich and famous
Their charity and affection
Wearing death and woe
Cold weather accessories
Wherever people go

Chinchilla and Sable
Badger Fox and Down
So many mothers quietly screamed
Far out of the town
The anger and resentment
Such animosity
A coat of many memories
Lined with severity

Just penning this
Short narrative
My eyes are filled with tears
The sobbing for the babies
Where their joy
Held many fears
Such Callousness and rancour
The felon trappers who
Took away pure lifE forms
For the likes of you

Who wear the vilest garments
Dressed up in all thats wrong
The hair the skin the feathers
Clearly do not belong
On any human being
It is a crying shame
Wrong headed impropriety
Whatever people claim.

Outside the shop today
Making the point for the innocent

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