Portugal of all places
Total unconcern
So much inscrutability
Its seems some people yearn
For wildness
For the Rhino Horn
Keratin they say
The Chinese buy it
As a cure all
And there is a way

Staying unemotional
Put it up for sale
As for the mother Rhino
What was then a tragic tale
A little baby left alone
Its mother bloodied by
A bullet and a machete
Flog it and don’t ask why

It seems there was some interest
A flurry a furore
Its reckless to be offering
Rhino horn and more
Than that it is prohibited
The suffering the pain
The rarity the wretchedness
To us its just insane

Besides it isn’t a curative
Its unsightly and its wrong
Disfiguring a Rhino
The horn does belong
In Africa not China
On that magnificent beast
And whoever is selling it
We ought to like them least

Portugal so ignorant
Surely they must know
The indifference and the apathy
Its dubious a show
Of flagrancy and defiance
Under the counter stuff
But catalogued put out there
I mean we have seen enough.

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