Feelings and wildlife

As protectors it is concerning
That binoculars are made
And targeted at hunters
An extension of trade
Broadening the market
Commercially feels wise
But feelings have to play a part
We have to realise

We shouldn’t become detached from life
Its relevant after all
There really is a difference
For wild life and birds
The call
Is observing without disturbing
Whereas the Hunters they
Of course will want to murder
Wild life seen as prey

Weapons and the criminal
And negative pursuits
Like gambling, and disharmony
And likely disputes
Ethical consideration
Has to be in play
And the disconnect of commerce
Brings conflict I will say

The ball is in the court
Commerce on the whole
Is creating a market share
Establishing its role
How its offered up for sale
To markets near and far
Its authorship is paramount
Will it star or scar

For birding an for wild life
Participants do feel
Gadgets aimed at hunters
The anomaly is real
Its only the protectors
Disposed to think this way
Making the answer for it
On any given day

Having ones feet in both pots
It just will never do
Assisting hunters to murder
That never can ring true
Whatever purchasers use them for
There is little we can do
Thats wen specific markets
Are developed when they woo

Utterly opposite users
Carers and abusers
Where this seen as policy
Wild life and birders will
Shy away from optics
With their feet in both
camps who
Will lose out that is obvious
Thats my honest view

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