Shoes and footballs and contempt

Perfection its out there
The wild ones who be
God given god made
Faultless to see
These magnificent animals
Leaping away
Under the hot sun
On any day

Designed for Australia
In every way
Their flawless condition
To watch their display
The great awakening
To those of us who
See who they are
And all that they do

The live out extremes
Its all part of their way
That realisation
Helps them to pay
Attention to detail
A great entity
A true outback angel
Immortal and free

Its make up is powerful
Its body is strong
An Indigenous creature
That does belong
Where God and where Nature
Put them for they
Have the ethic and traits
At the end of the day

Their lifestyle is stable
Their kinship it be
A denominator
A brilliant example
Of Godliness here
Today and forever
That much is clear

They express their identity
Unchanging are they
Creative and special
A guide so to say
A frame of reference
An exemplar too
Sharing understanding
Thats what they do

Designed for extremes
They challenge it well
They grow to a size
They are under a spell
Of wonder and magic
Their eminence shows
Wide ranging across-the-board
And surely they pose

An infusion of spirit
A soulful embrace
A potpourri of power
Its all there in their face
A great bond with Nature
Where ever they be
Unlike the shooters
The scumbags who see

Images feeding
In lamping regard
Caught in the head lights
The night air is scarred
By the whistle of lead
And the cordite that claims
The crack of the whip
The dryness of lip
And a great bolt from Hell
That just shames.

Females gunned down miserably they
Fall on their youngsters
That bond thrown away
A beautiful face
Blue sparkling eyes
Look up at the shooter
Who is in disguise
He is no human
A monster he be
Collecting the spoils
With his dark infamy

The baby is shivering
The shooter he throws
The babe on the ground
And the great God he knows
A crushing boot
The joey is gone
His brains in the dust
The Vilest of con

And it will happen again and again
A mothers tears
A baby in vain
Wants more than anything else just to live
But a price far too high
For the shooter to give
The mother dead flesh
KROO sausage meat
Her skin will be shoes
For your delicate feet
Footballers take on the
Kangaroo skin
It makes their boots feel
Supple they win
More with this dead skin
This mother who died
Watching her poor baby
Bleeding inside.

Australia truly has so lost its way
Allowing the assassinations each day
The torture the evil
The unfinished life
The fragmented neglected
Undeveloped strife
The bedlam the chaos
The wicked intent
The waste of gods energy
So purposefully spent

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