Is the sky the limit

Hempearth’s Derek Kesek
A visionary who
Uses his grey matter
By greening it
Its true
Utterly non toxic
Hemp its rightness fits
Morality ethicality
Is exactly where he sits

Give him poetic justice
The appropriate he knows well
Unswerving and undeflected
Under a righteous spell
A sense of obligation
To the planet and us all
A crusader in so many ways
Who answered his own call

A plane a means to travel
Hemp a plant of God
Appreciative of its splendour
A growing in the sod
It doesn’t need much water
An ancient strength within
A bountiful discovery
With A patriotic spin

A 36 foot wingspan
Non toxic through and through
Only Fuelled by hemp oil
A gracious point of view
Just goodness from the soul of earth
To acknowledge is to see
The genius from Montreal
Who loves his liberty

Its become his bounden duty
A conscience commitment to
Raise the standards to the sky
And we can feel its true
The esteem and consideration
Humbled by his care
Our collective admiration
Of him taking to the air

In what is a splendid aircraft
A privilege to learn
Of his goodness and his sanctity
And his true concern
His sense of responsibility
An open hearted soul
With the highest of true principles
Committed to the whole

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