“The Porter”

David Streets best
They call it “The Porter“
and whatever the test
It is their flagship ale
That much I can say
With its wonderful malts
And the hops that just play
With your tastebuds
First sweetness
Then a bitter froth
Enzymic profusion
A new age Behemoth

In a nicely designed can
Creamy and brown
With a Porter and a Gentleman
From London Town
Sporting a joyfulness
It’s what you do
After drinking a can
Of this fabulous brew

With its dark lively colour
It’s smooth and it’s calm
With a great personality
And masses of charm
The bitterness lingers
It tickles the tongue
It’s so good on its own
Or when you are among
Others, whenever
The vexed question is why
Aren’t more people
Drinking it
I’ll tell you why

It’s true to their craft
With a candour so bright
With an honest no kidding
Flavour in spite
Of the myriad secrets
Of this recipe
Made with love and affection
And such constancy

A spontaneity
Get in the mood
Be receptive and ready
Just let things exude
Sit in the sun shine
A creature whose choice
Overwhelmed by the flavour
And like me just rejoice

118 DRUID Street
London SE1 2HH



2 comments on ““The Porter”

  1. tracey lewis on said:

    It just rolls of the tongue like water of a ducks. x

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      My dear Tracey you are such a lovely friend you have been for such a long time
      It is a extraordinary Porter x

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