Hopelessness and desperation
Rally at this point today
Hordes of people clad in little
Carrying little but dismay
Resigned to leave their homes
And search for utopia
Beyond their thoughts
Out there in the wide horizon
In mileage terms just add some naughts

Armies with high expectations
Inappropriate thoughts let’s say
A new home in some far off city
Where others struggle anyway
The etiquette that is prevailing
The rough sleepers where there is more
And families in the various food banks
That society does just ignore
Hand outs they don’t get much money
But migrant families they expect
Food and lodgings given freely
An irony I do detect

EDIME a border town
GReece it’s saturation we
Feel it squelching every which way
How on earth can it’s still be
Accepting of the armies coming
Invasion it feels seemingly
Desperation on their faces
Much less places
Now there be

Unpropitious inauspicious
Intimidation everywhere
GReece is reeling
Greece is feeling
Wheeling dealing
What is fair
The EU bureaucrats are sitting
On their hands their hearts no more
Open mouthed but little substance
Cries of help they just ignore

Merkyl really put her spoke in
Open borders let them fly
Who needs passports who needs visas
Criminals all sorts apply
Just come it’s a great invasion
We can share the spoils we’ve won
This is what they call the EU
And really folks it’s not much fun

Boat loads coming
Every which way
Desperate people
Wanting more
A new home a job high wages
This is what life is about
Open doors and open windows
Open borders
I hear them shout
Anyone who wants to share
What little we have
Come and take
Come and join us sleeping rough
And in the food bank
Some stale cake

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