It’s really grim to be alone
And in pain one has to say
and ”Yara” she ticked all these boxes
That was on the day
We got a call
To rescue her
Hiding in a den
Underneath a bush
Amongst the roots
And that was when
fear of human beings
Was Potent in her soul
She growled a lot and barked a bit
Trying to control
Clearly she was Injured
One of her front legs bad
And clearly in her psyche
She was Ultra sad

I tried to be as gentle
As kindly as I could be
Offering food and water
And calming just to see
A gentle snare she bit through
Clearly all that woe
So much tribulation
And suffering you know

She wanted help but wanted
Just to lay there and just be
Helped just without moving
You can understand yes we
Faced with terrible agony
What would anyone do
Moan a lot and lay there
And hope our dreams come true

I had to call for help
And Loretta came along
We tried to snare her once again
But sadly that went wrong
And so we got a trap out
And guided her inside
And carried her into the car
And I would have lied
To say I wasn’t fearful
A bite would surely be
Very very painful
And she meant it actually
Not because she was aggressive
Her crushed leg gave such pain
She was starving she was in great shock
All of this was plain

Back at the vet
The leg was crushed
All the bones were lost
It called for amputation
Whatever happened cost
Her a leg, such trauma
We may never know
What really had caused this
But we know why she was low
Fed and watered and cared for
Trained a bit awhile
Fostered she is seeking
A forever home in style
She really is a lovely soul
Who has gone through
So much pain
Will Somebody out there
come and help her
Be happy again.

The little red dog company California US

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