When your old
Nobody loves you
Disablement gets you down
You realise you are a nuisance
And no one in the town
Wants to be your servant
And so often you find
Loneliness is your friend all day
It’s all part of the grind

“Wally” was a Shar Pei
A handsome kind of soul
A characterful face
Wondrous jowels
Walked at a slow pace

Clearly when we found him
He was outside of a yard
A unit found him and fed him
And called us
It was hard

An old soul clearly needing
Hope and charity
Love and care and someone there
Quite a liability
But clearly he all knowing
Showing quietly he
Loved a piece of burger we gave him
We could see

He was grateful
So we took him
To the vet and he was fine
Panting fluffing his old lungs
Showing us a sign
Just sad nobody loved him
His sun just wouldn’t shine

It happens when you are old and grey
And you walk a bit too slow
Then it’s hard to find good souls
Who really want to know
He had been micro chipped
And when we asked the owner he
Said I don’t want to know him
I never want to see

His face, and we could feel that
In Wally,’s face he knew
He just had to slink off somewhere
See if he could do
Another life another time
Somehow he would be
Helped and that’s why we were called
In a brand new home he be

As happy as a sand boy
With another dog he stays
Hopefully he will be loved
For the rest of his days

Thanks to “Lionels Legacy and hope for paws.org

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