It happens
And when it does
It really gets to us
That solace that buzz
In our hearts
In our souls
In our head everywhere
We love and we need and we still
Want to share

They have gone
So our vigil
Is just what we do
How we feel
It’s not real
But for us it was true

And Cassandra felt this
She just felt bereaved
Drained out of sight
At least she believed
This was the path
She would follow today
And we saw her
And helped her
To just get away

It was by a large exit
With trucks coming and going
busy and dangerous
Tooing and frowing
Two of us called
The pit bull was there
Running about
That he friend had died there.

Clearly inner feelings
And who were we
So growling a bit
Making us see
We tried to coax her
With treats for a while
But she wasn’t having it
To reconcile
We got hold of a snare
Both of us we
Managed to catch her
Excited was she

We got out a blanket
Covered her care
Comfort and talking
making her aware
We were here to help her
Now back in the car
Going off to the vet
Which is not very far

A therapeutic bath
And blow dry
A new friend
She laid down and slept
Where she lie

Doggie bones.com
Hope for paws.org

Angels walking by our side each day

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