“Abby” who is telling us her story

she stood there just in front of us
Long Brown matted hair
2 years she’d been a runaway
And looked the worse for wear
Clearly It’s a wake up call
And can be a bitter pill
Fending for oneself alone
And, doing it still

Out there in the desert
Where There’s no routine
No one to take care of you
And the world at large is mean
You do get all sorts
in the street
And anyone whose been
Out there In the dirt and in the heat
Times can get lean
For some dogs in the street
Can be big trouble
When seemingly Freedom just ought to be
Everywhere plain sailing
A kind of outdoor sanctuary
But being out at night
Was killing me

Foraging for scraps
You get all knotted up
Bits of wire and thorns
Which can be rough
Mites and ticks also
Are a nuisance
And today folks I had
Well just had enough

The guys were tempting me with
Some sort of burger
Crusty vegan not that great to me
The cheese though tasted alright
And then they gave me meat
And I decided well I possibly
Will take my chance
And basically let them catch me
They used a net and I was in their car
Soft hands on my coat again
People who were caring
And for that moment yes I was a star

Hope for paws.Org they were my angels
Drove in from LA apparently
They had been told that a dog was in the neighbourhood
Running here and there and seemingly
Stray and so I am now in their company
A nice warm bath a shave and feeling great
Over a pound of excess hair I was carrying
And now I can wag my tail
And be sedate

With all that hair off I had become
Much smaller
On their wooden floors I slipped and slid
Smooch pooch rescue are now looking after me
It’s good to be in someone’s home my bid
To have a sort of holiday with humans
Get micro chipped and sorted at the vet
Then if I get another inclination
Of running off again
Thats my best bet

Unless I get a forever home forever
Somewhere to be cared for loved and I
Can settle down and be perhaps the guard dog
Or the lap dog of the family friend
Or try

To realise that I am getting older
and retirement is’nt too far off
For me
Just to spend time in the garden or wandering in the woods
And live a life of blatant luxury

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