Named after The Norse God
“ODIN” so we hear
Abandoned on a construction site
In the footings
It was clear
Lethargic and ill fated
Just quietly laying there
We were called to see
Just how he was
Whether aware
Apparently he didn’t move
Stricken by it all
He was looking doleful
Unresponsive when we did call
We tried him on some treats
He wasn’t all that keen
Just sitting where we had found him
And apparently where he had been

For some time feeling nonchalant
His winter of discontent
He just seemed so unhappy
We didn’t make a dent
And so we brought a cage up
Guessed it would be best
To lift him up into the cage
And carry him, I jest

He farted as we lifted him
Into the lifters face
Something to remember him by
Nerves I think to face
all these strangers helping
It kind of rocked his boat
And he was soon inside the car
Yes something to note
Straight to the vet
To examine him
Neuter him
And vaccinate
Micro chip him
All the works
Clearly he was feeling great
All that that good attention
His Germanic pedigree
A complete realisation
He was how he ought to be
Boisterous and ready
To expend some energy
Happy as a sand boy
No more lethargy

Thanks to much love. org

For his forever home.

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