Bodiless bears
A mystery
Scattered across the forest floor
Something no one dare ignore
A blach bear headless
With its penis
Bitten off and left
Bleeding, such destructiveness
I was left bereft

Its paradise
Away across each scene
What is a craggy wilderness
Drowning in the green
And thus to come to this
Macabre even and why
Lying on the forest floor
It was just no way to die

Such savagery
Such ferocity
A collision of two souls
Monsters in the making
Perhaps two massive trolls
The fury and the juries out
A grizzly had come upon
This black bear and its end had been
It had gone

stumbling into somewhere
And had tried to climb a tree
But was torn down and dismembered
With such depravity.
By why their paths had crossed me thinks
With hibernation near
Hunger drove the grizzly
To the forest so a tear

Lets leave for the old black bear
In the wrong place
At the wrong time
But in many its not fair

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