I deign to feel the immortal worth
For I Believe the word
used was pomp
and circumstance
Of Kangaroos How absurd
a mascot and an iconic one
A truly marvellous sight
Of mobs who crash on through the bush
On any given night

“Loveable edible wearable” for me
A spiteful phrase
A true resource a matter of course
Will be with me, all my days
Bush angels thats for certain
tortured beings who
Are ravaged by sick psychopaths
To shoot them as they do

Farmers shooters and consumers
All I like to say
Cannot realise the totem worth
Their eminent display
They are the aristocracy of animals today
Created with miraculous thought
Though are now made to pay

Their supremacy is magickal
Their authenticity
Sees them murdered by the
Licensed creeps
Whose spotlights genuinely
Pick out would be big males
But tragically we know
Females with their joeys and their pinkies
Also go

Shot to death and hacked about
The joey crushed to death
The pinky also slaughtered
Sharing our sweet breath
A miracle in the making
Creation on a role
But Australians many
Dead from the neck up
Have lost control

Prepared to kill a kanga
With the anger of the fool
Feeding them to hungry cats and dogs
To overhaul
The great marsupial wonder
For what indeed is waste
For exports and for leather
It is with great distaste

I tell the average carnivore
On such hot summer days
How crazy it is to eat wild meat
And honestly it plays
Into the MEAT trade’s arrogance
And ignorance as well
For the food is far too heaty
And it makes your livers swell

The kanga is a wild soul
And Australia should feel
Should think and should consider
Just how much they appeal
They are for certain the wild souls
Frequenting the place
Far healthier than cows or sheep
And that is the case

Good for the land good for the soil
Good for Australia too
To license these vile shooters
To murder them its true
The aboriginie people
The true Australian souls
Both represent bush angels
With all the essential goals

Who undergo such suffering
Each nightmare of pain
The angst and purgatory
And Desolation once again
Woefully it affects them
The fretting and remorse
They sadly are the scapegoats
Harrowed by the force

Downtrodden and martyred.by the farmers
Who portray
That they are the sad victims
But we know the kanga’s pay
Sacrificed and stricken, wounded
Left for dead
Unhappy and grief stricken
With A bullet in their head

Maybe left to bleed out
The torturers they be
A complete botheration
And a malignity
An affront to all things beautiful
To all creatures great and small
They are the troublemakers
Arse oles one and all!

Respect the aboriginie
Who were there long before
You city dwelling idiots
Who know little of the law
Our mother the true angel
Created all we see
And the white man
Really goes for broke
When he acts so ignorantly

You cannot hear their weeping
Their blubbering oh no
Their babies slashed and dying
They will never grow
Mothers love their joeys
Yet shooters have no care
Just a heartless bunch of murderers
Totally unaware

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