They won the market but lost their way somewhat

Thirty years ago or so
Xintang you could say was born
They started making jeans for export
Reaching their new dawn
They had some good cheap labour
And raw materials too
And a high percentage of artisans
Who really really knew
How to do things properly
And quickly too for they
Were geared up and were able
To take business away

From Anerica and Britain
And the government helped too
Providing loans and helping
To get the contracts through
The problem is with new things
The outlook can be good
But pollution can be overlooked
Not because it should
But the race to get to top notch
At Exporting means that we
Sometimes cut some corners
And regret it actually

And really that’s what happened
As it was done by hand
Discharging the indigo
They didnt understand
Other toxic materials
Were going to be a pain
But they got on with the contracts
And let the bad stuff drain

Out into the rivers
Where people’s houses were
Where shanties just hung over
And pollution did occur
And the people they were upset
They complained as well they might
The water they were using
It just was not al right

So the dust was blue
And the water too
And the chemicals they used
Were really ratheR rotten
In essence they abused
Their own dear workers
And as trade increased so
The problem really git out of hand
But they were in the know

And green peace came to call on them
But the people they could see
The rivers the pearl river
And the tributary was running blue
And sludge was appearing
Not a pretty sight
Technology was thought about
They had to get it right

So a clean up had to take place
The homes around there gone
Compensation paid of course
But the clean up did go on
The colour of the water has now changed up to green
As trade is being hit somewhat
The whole big Jean machine

Is slowing up considerably
As labour costs are raised
Raw materials too cost more
And technology has phased
Perceptions about pollution
And so things have been done
Manufacturing processes
Out there in the sun

Still see pollutive disregards
It happens everywhere
Nobody is perfect
But at least now people care
They do use rotten chemicals
Which affect the people who
Have to use them everyday
As of course they do

We want these blue jeans it seems
And with all sorts of hues
Sand blasted rope dyed slasher dyed.
It won’t make for good news
And with Bangladesh and Vietnam
And India on stream
Not as au fait with pollution
And hopeful they can cream

Some of this business off the Chinese
It is a frantic call
The great big corporations
Watch you go to the wall
Rather than pay fairer prices
It’s a hard affair
So often the environment suffers
And the people have to share

The risks too but it’s buyers
Tying the hands of those
Entrepreneurs who are after profits
As everybody knows
Juggling with all the rules
It is no mean idea
But China seems to have done its best
Allaying some of the

It doesn’t mean it’s all over
But at least it’s on the cards
At least the workers are aware
And there are now some safe guards

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