Arrogance and ignorance the two diseases that will kill us all (big and small)

Monsatan thats my take on who they are
And what they do
A huge American corporation
Who take a different view
They are like a monstrous snowball
That is rolling every day
And smothering our wild life
All along the way

Its run by men and women with eyes
That cannot see
With hearts that have now withered
Having lost humility
For what is all around us
The simplicity of life
The tiniest unseen insect
Languishing in their strife

The fact that we cannot see them
Does’t make them less
important than the elephant
That I need to stress
Our natural world is made up
Of trillions of souls that do
Their bit for the environment
Their connection don’t misconstrue

I marvel at the indigenous peoples
Those first souls to a place
Discovering the miracles
With their strength and grace
They are indeed our saviours
Our mentors on this sphere
Not the bloody scientists
Not the ones you hear

Paid to work by corporate money
Their work is overseen
Whatever is the outcome
Good bad or obscene
The corporation then decides
How to use that stuff
Not you not governments no one else
have you heard enough

Every single creature
Existing on this plain
Has a place in nature
That may sound insane
But its a truth I promise you
Every single soul
Needs All the other souls around
Thats the great mothers goal

The indigenous they see this
They thoroughly comprehend
They didn’t listen to some professor
What they do is spend
Time within the area
They write down all they learn
Its instinctive knowledge
And we should all concern

Ourselves with this for this is light
Bright health providing light
Its not wrapped up in margins
In profits out of sight
Its not a corporate message
But still it affects us all
The ant that walks beneath our feet
And the lizard on the wall

The elephants that roam
The dwindling habitat abroad
The bed bug in the smelly sheets
Each has a reward
Each plant each tree each flower
Each one truly has a place
And our destruction every day
Shows our ignorant face

monsatan a huge ediface
Where ant people exist
Not truly thinking human beings
But those now in a mist
Not really knowing where they are going
Not really seeing life
I call them the ant people
For arrogance and strife

Is metered to them daily
Their instructions come from on high
Not from Mother Nature
But the corporate lineage, I
Shudder as they so compute
Their cocktails of the night
Their one off profit sourcing mix
That brings its share of blight

So to one Monarch butterfly
On orange black and white
Wings its flutters too and from
In its infinite light
Living on the milkweed
The nectar of the flower
Where it finds vast realms of nutrients
To give it all its power

To ward off certain predation
Milkweeds toxic force
Is stored inside the butterfly
And it stays there of course
To frighten would be predators
Who will wither in its path
The knowledge of the ancients
Within the bath
Of toxins that obliterate
The predator who may
Be ignorant of this factor
To their complete dismay

Greed and profit are great waves
Of negativity
When thats the only wish for them
And their eyes cannot see
The little things around them
All part of the whole
But not part of the profit and loss
Thats when they lose control

Thats when we see the imbalances
The extinctions and much more
Thats when long term we lose everything
To go against the law
Of nature is pure arrogance
And monsatan and the rest
Rise in size but like dinosaurs
Their environment will test

Them one day, they will suffer
But before them many more
Will fall by the wayside
End up blood and gore
And we so called human beings
So called ruling race
Moving like degenerates
But not keeping pace

With the energy of our universe
With the structure of our world
We are all seeds of creation
On this planet we were hurled
To share the wholesome wonderment
Provided for us all
But alas power has corrupted us
And with it we all shall fall

The monarch butterfly is falling
As many before
We are killing off the milkweeds
With the roundup and more
Profit was the motive monsatan’s coffers grow
And the farmers too are at it
Though most of them don’t know

As we grow older some of us
Realise the sin
Look over towards the indigenous people
Yes just take a spin
To where they are
Be humble seek their sweet reply
Watch them in their day to day life experiences
And sigh

Sigh because they matter
Each creature great and small
Remember the hymn that we all sang
The lord god made them all

Someone great and mighty
Creation the great soul
Whether god or goddess
They had the glorious role
Not monsatan not the corporates
These are the cancerous sods
These are the vilest darkest forces
Far removed from gods

As each of you go about each day
i beg you be aware
Every species has such worth
So honestly so share
The wondrous gifts of nature
With everyone you see
Respect every creature
Every plants and every tree

When we respect our environment
We respect each other
Look upon the natural world
Out there
As your great mother

And we shall all prosper
Along with every butterfly every ant every one of us
We all Are part of this great planet because
We learned to share what we were given
Those who do the opposite will eventually
Die out like the dinosaurs did

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